The first anniversary of the Three Gorges Project

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The first anniversary of the Three Gorges Project: the new reservoir area of the great changes in mountains and rivers

serial port communication part of the tension sensor transmits the measured values to the computer in real time through the serial port. One year ago, the world-renowned Three Gorges project completed the water storage of 135 meters, and the three major goals of water storage, navigation and power generation of the second phase project were completed successively. Today, a year later, the Three Gorges project has come steadily: new immigrant towns have sprung up, well-known enterprises are scattered everywhere, crisscross transportation networks, and immigrants who live and work in peace and contentment have witnessed the changes of the Three Gorges

more than 800000 immigrants have been successfully relocated and resettled

after the launch of the Three Gorges project, the world's largest water conservancy project, millions of immigrants, hundreds of towns and more than 1600 enterprises need to be relocated, and the scale of resettlement and resettlement are extremely difficult. In the face of this unprecedented systematic project, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council have continuously made scientific adjustments to the immigration policy of the Three Gorges according to the actual situation, creatively put forward the policy of development immigration, and firmly held the key to solving the problem in their own hands

the latest statistics show that as of the end of May this year, more than 880000 people have been relocated and resettled, of which more than 140000 have been relocated and resettled; More than 360000 square meters of various houses have been built. 4. Filters: for filters without infarct instigators, more than 25.99 million square meters of houses have been built; More than 1200 industrial and mining enterprises have been relocated, bankrupt and closed; The reconstruction of 12 cities, counties and a large number of special facilities involved in reservoir inundation has been basically completed, and the urban functions have been basically restored

the conditions of housing, water, electricity, medical treatment and children's schooling of immigrants have been significantly improved compared with those before the relocation, and most immigrants have lived and worked in peace and contentment. According to the sampling survey of 226 immigrant villages conducted by the comprehensive supervision of the resettlement project, in 2002, the proportion of villages with access to roads reached 98.7%, villages with access to electricity 100%, villages with access to water 97.8%, and villages with access to water 55%; The proportion of brick concrete structure in the housing of the sample farmers reached 95.3%, the per capita housing area was 48 square meters, and the per capita net income was 2340 yuan

in solving the problem of resettlement, the vast number of cadres and people in the Three Gorges Reservoir area have created an amazing human miracle with a strong sense of politics and historical mission, giving up their homes, taking care of everyone and serving the country

the economy and society in the reservoir area have developed rapidly for 11 consecutive years

nowadays, the infrastructure construction in the Three Gorges Reservoir area has developed by leaps and bounds. New towns and new immigrant villages have sprung up, the living environment has been significantly improved, and the urban and rural landscape has taken on a new look: Yichang airport, Wanzhou airport, Dazhou Wanzhou railway, Chongqing Wanzhou Expressway and a large number of new ports have been completed one after another, and the three-dimensional transportation network of the reservoir area with water, land and air has been preliminarily formed. The construction of post and telecommunications facilities has advanced by leaps and bounds, and a communication system at the same level as that of the whole country has been basically completed

at the same time, a number of advantageous enterprises have been formed and the economic structure has been optimized. Through bankruptcy and closure, the vast majority of "five small" enterprises with backward technology, serious losses and environmental pollution were eliminated. Among the more than 1200 enterprises that have completed the relocation, 679 have been closed down, effectively avoiding low-level repeated construction

the economy and society in the reservoir area have developed rapidly, and the income of urban and rural residents has increased steadily. Statistics show that the Three Gorges Reservoir area achieved a GDP of 80billion yuan in 2002, an increase of 3.4 times over 1993 at current prices, with an average annual growth rate of 17.9%, higher than the national average growth rate; In 2002, the per capita disposable income of urban residents was 6488 yuan, which was 2 times higher than that in 1993, with an average annual increase of 13.1%; The per capita net income of farmers was 1922 yuan, 2.1 times higher than that in 1993, with an average annual increase of 13.4%. At the same time, education, health, culture and other social undertakings in the reservoir area have also developed rapidly in the process of resettlement

"green mountains and green waters" project and geological disaster control project have improved the ecological environment of the reservoir area. Through the regulation of 173 landslides and 74 reservoir banks in the reservoir area, the project under the 135m water level has been fully completed; Most of the 26 sewage treatment plants and 21 waste treatment plants that have been started have been put into use

in the course of development, people sincerely sigh that the 11 years since the construction of the Three Gorges project have been the 11 years with the fastest economic development in the history of the Three Gorges Reservoir area, as well as the 11 years with the greatest changes in the urban and rural appearance and significant improvement in people's lives in the reservoir area

In 1992, the State Council issued a call for national counterpart support for the resettlement work in the Three Gorges Reservoir area. Since then, the central state organs, provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government have regarded counterpart support as their own responsibility, and carried out impressive counterpart support cooperation in the reservoir area, paving a "runway" for the development of the reservoir area

a set of data shows the fruitful results of the national counterpart support: by the end of 2003, the national counterpart support had introduced a total of 16.095 billion yuan for the Three Gorges Reservoir area, including 14.222 billion yuan of funds in place for economic cooperation projects, and the total number of projects reached more than 2500; Social public welfare projects have paid in 1.873 billion yuan, assisted in the construction of 761 hope schools, trained 5797 talents and exchanged 409 cadres. The 11 provinces and cities along the river and the coast have also overcome various difficulties and resettled 140000 emigrants within three years. In 2003, the State Council decided to add 25300 new immigrants. At present, the docking of immigrants and housing construction have been basically completed, and some immigrants have moved to resettlement sites

counterpart support is not only a creation of China, but also a vivid embodiment of socialism with Chinese characteristics. In promoting the great economic and social development of the reservoir area, it fully demonstrates the superiority of socialism in concentrating its efforts on major events, and plays a contemporary Anthem of great socialist cooperation, unity and unity

In the past 11 years, the counterpart support work has been continuously innovated and developed, bringing new concepts and advanced productivity to the reservoir area. Through active exploration, the counterpart support work has gradually realized the important changes from "blood transfusion" type to "hematopoietic" type, from poverty alleviation type to development type, from government behavior to market behavior, from unilateral benefit in the reservoir area to the benefit of both counterparts, and has made three breakthroughs in the boundaries of counterpart support zoning, ownership and support cooperation

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every step of the Three Gorges project has been carefully designed and mastered in the past 11 years. It is believed that after the construction of the third phase project, a new Three Gorges with vast smoke waves, large ships, thousands of miles of power transmission and smooth water flow will surely show the world. This machine can almost perfectly realize the closed-loop control of experimental force, displacement and other parameters

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