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Guangxi sun paper industry phase I and phase II projects are in full swing synchronously.

release date: Source: Beihai

recently, those who rely on the basic advantages of Chongqing equipment manufacturing industry to focus on the plastic mold and plastic machinery industry saw at the construction site of the 3.5 million ton Forest Pulp paper integration project of sun paper industry that there are tower cranes, machinery roaring, welding flowers splashing, and workers shuttling through it for intense work, which is a hot scene

gujunrui, the project manager of Guangxi Taiyang Paper Co., Ltd., said that since the commencement of the project in October 2019, the first and second phases of the project have been advancing simultaneously. At present, the temporary construction living quarters have been completed and occupied, the main roads supporting the plant have been paved, and the cultural paper workshop has been completed by 75%; 30% in the white cardboard workshop; 5. 70% of the household paper workshop is completed; 6. The household paper cart can complete 65% of the technical indicators such as the maximum bearing tension, tensile strength, elongation deformation, elongation and so on; 65% of the chemical pulp workshop is completed; Chemical mechanical pulp workshop completed 35%; 90% of the supporting sewage treatment station is completed; The supporting heat supply center was completed, and some operators did not operate 70% according to the use requirements of the experimental machine. The culture paper workshop will be put into operation in August, the 5 × household paper workshop will be put into operation in September, the 6 × household paper workshop and chemical pulp workshop will be put into operation in October, and the white cardboard workshop and chemical mechanical pulp workshop will be put into operation in November

"the promotion speed of phase I and phase II projects is much faster than expected. Sun Paper Group decided to increase investment by 14billion and build pulp and paper production lines and supporting industrial parks." Gu Junrui said that the 3.5 million ton Forest Pulp and paper integration project of sun paper industry is a "double hundred and double new" project coordinated and promoted at the autonomous region level. Its products cover wood pulp, cultural paper, special paper, white cardboard and toilet paper, and its goal is to build the largest monomer production and processing plant with a full range of products in the world. Sun Paper Group will follow the idea of "strengthening the leading, supplementing the chain, and gathering groups", open up the upstream and downstream, and build a complete Southeast Asian raw material supply system and Guangxi Forest Pulp and paper integrated industrial chain. 1、 After the completion of the second and third phases of the project, the output value of the forest pulp paper integrated industrial park of sun paper industry will reach 50billion and realize profits and taxes of 5billion

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