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Dinggu Jichuang released its first annual report after listing, and achieved steady growth in performance with the help of capital market upgrading

dinggu Jichuang () released its first annual report after listing on the evening of April 2. In 2018, the company's annual operating revenue was 831 million yuan, an increase of 2.86% year-on-year; The net profit attributable to the owners of the parent company was 76.5216 million yuan, an increase of 2.96% year-on-year

the company is one of the well-known brands in the customized wardrobe and boutique hardware industry, and has obvious competitive advantages in brand awareness, design and development, marketing network, comprehensive services, etc. In 2018, the company successfully landed in the capital market and continued to strengthen its governance structure. It worked hard in the fields of fine hardware, customized furniture and customized eco door products, strengthened channel management, and continuously integrated and supplemented internal and external resources, gradually giving play to synergy. The continuous growth of customized products has driven the continuous growth of the company's performance

successful listing promotes upgrading, and informatization helps high-quality expansion

dinggu Jichuang was listed on the gem of Shenzhen Stock Exchange on September 25, 2018, issuing 28.5 million ordinary shares and raising 314 million yuan. The successful listing is not only of great significance for the company to quickly establish its brand image and enhance its brand influence in the emerging smart home field, but also makes the equity assets and monetary capital of the company by the end of 2018 significantly increase compared with the end of 2017. Therefore, the company rapidly expanded its financial strength and invested in brand marketing, channel construction, product R & D and design, customized services, information application and smart manufacturing, which effectively consolidated its market competitiveness

in 2018, it was comprehensively upgraded. While the scale of product sales increased steadily, it actively developed to the field of whole house customization, and increased investment in brand marketing, channel construction, product R & D and design, customized services, systematic application of information transmission control, and the repeated prohibition of unqualified plastic bags produced by some small workshops and smart manufacturing

on the same day of the release of the annual report, the board of directors of dinggu Jichuang deliberated and passed a proposal to adjust the company's organizational structure in combination with the company's development plan, forming a structure of three business divisions and eight business centers, namely, the hardware business division, the ecogate business division and the whole house customization business division. Dinggu Jichuang has been actively developing towards full house customization since 2015. For this reason, dinggu Jichuang changed the customized wardrobe business department to the full house customization business department, and strives to become an internationally competitive full house customized household product development manufacturer and service provider

at the same time, the business centers parallel to the business division can provide strong support to adapt to the company's business development, further improve the corporate governance structure, and improve the company's operational efficiency and management level. In the new framework, dinggu Jichuang has set up a brand management center, and its continuous investment in brand building is of great significance for enterprises to improve brand awareness, consumers' perception of the brand, loyalty and consumer stickiness, improve product market sales and market share, and enhance the internal cohesion of the company. Dinggu Jichuang proactively improves and optimizes the organizational structure to ensure that it meets the management needs of R & D improvement, capacity expansion, market expansion and other aspects. Improving and improving the human resource management system will ensure the high-quality expansion of the company

at the same time, dinggu Jichuang set up an information management center to lay a solid foundation for the integrated information system upgrading and technological transformation project of IPO fund-raising and investment projects, which will greatly improve the company's rapid response ability to changes in market demand, break through the information system bottleneck caused by rapid business growth, and provide a strong backstage guarantee for the development of the company's business. In 2018, the synergy between dinggu Jichuang's parent company and its branches gradually emerged. Through measures such as improving business processes, reducing redundancy, and improving staff efficiency, the company will comprehensively improve the company's operational efficiency, reduce costs, and improve the company's business performance

in the 2018 annual report, dinggu Jichuang said that the company took the lead in introducing the industrial 4.0 project, focused on building a digital information smart factory, effectively solved the bottleneck of production capacity, improved product quality and service quality, comprehensively promoted the intelligent upgrading of products with intelligence + innovation, and made unremitting efforts to build a smart factory

with the help of the capital market, endogenous + epitaxial consolidation of core competitiveness

in addition to the integrated information system upgrading and technological transformation project mentioned above, the company's fund-raising projects also include the construction project of 300000 sets of customized furniture in Zhongshan, the construction project of intelligent manufacturing production line, the construction of brand and sales channel, and other working capital related to the main business, which are carried out around the existing main business, The products involved in this fund-raising investment project have strong profitability and broad market prospects. The annual report shows that by the end of 2018, the cumulative investment of the raised funds had reached 97.4832 million yuan, and the total progress was close to 1/3

the above projects still need a certain construction period, and it also takes a certain time for the project to reach full production. Therefore, the return on net assets of the company in 2018 declined compared with previous years. After the fund-raising investment project is put into operation, the share of the company's products in the target market will continue to rise, and the main business income and profit level will be significantly improved, which will have a positive impact on earnings per share and return on net assets. In addition, the implementation of these projects will greatly enhance the company's R & D and marketing capabilities

dinggu Jichuang always takes R & D and innovation as the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and consistently adheres to the independent R & D and design of products. The core technologies in product design, production and software are constantly enriched, which has become an important advantage of the company's endogenous growth. By the end of the reporting period, the company had obtained a total of 518 patents, including 23 invention patents, 176 utility model patents and 319 appearance patents, and was awarded the intellectual property management system certification by China National Certification and Accreditation Administration (CNCA)

with the help of the capital market, dinggu Jichuang said in the 2018 annual report of the board of directors that it would adhere to the company's future development strategy of paying equal attention to both endogenous and external development, and take the road of specialization, marketization, intensification and scale

in December 2018, the company participated in Shenzhen kaidishi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., with an investment of 50million yuan. According to the business plan, the company chose to acquire the target company kaidishi, which has unique business advantages and competitive strength and has a high synergy with the company's existing business, to move forward to its strategic goals. After that, in January 2019, it announced that it planned to further acquire 48% equity of kaidishi by issuing shares and paying cash, so as to achieve holding. At the same time, this transaction also plans to issue shares to no more than 5 other specific investors to raise supporting funds, with a total amount of funds raised not exceeding 248 million yuan

kaidishi's main product is smart door lock, which is one of the leading enterprises in the smart door lock market. This acquisition can enrich the company's product categories, rapidly expand the production capacity and scale of the company's smart door lock, enhance the company's intelligent and whole house customized service capabilities, and further enhance the company's comprehensive strength. According to the transaction draft, the performance compensation obligor of the target company promised the listed company that the net profit of kaidishi in 2019, 2020 and 2021 would not be less than 124million yuan, 149million yuan and 171million yuan respectively. Kaidishi's business performance has maintained rapid growth, the comprehensive gross profit margin is relatively stable, the profitability is strong, the market development ability is strong, the customer stability is high, and the performance commitment is realizable

therefore, the process of dinggu Jichuang in 2019 is very troublesome, and this is the process of users, and they have to pay a certain amount of money. In the description of the annual business plan, it is first pointed out that they will strive to promote the restructuring with Cadiz, promote industrial mergers and acquisitions with the help of the capital market, and realize resource complementarity and industrial synergy

integrate resources, jointly participate in the grand event, and create a long-term growth momentum

at present, dinggu Jichuang has established a strategic goal, that is, to seize the opportunity of national industrial upgrading and the great development of the intelligent equipment manufacturing industry, and jointly drive the rapid expansion of the company's product sales scale with the coordinated development of the three business divisions of full house customization, fine hardware (including intelligent five gold), and customized eco door in the next three to five years, We are committed to becoming one of the leading brands in the fields of hardware intelligence and high-end whole house customization

the company pays attention to the R & D management upgrading of high-quality products and efficient production capacity, and strives to improve customer service at the root, bringing benefits to dealers. By the end of 2018, the company has developed 483 dealers of customized wardrobe and supporting furniture products and 566 franchised stores; There are 360 hardware dealers and 508 franchised stores after the death and dissolution of boutiques; There are 203 customized ecogate dealers and 206 exclusive stores. At present, a nationwide sales network layout has been formed, the sales revenue of the company's distribution mode has been steadily increased, and the marketing points have been continuously improved and optimized, which has promoted the steady growth of the company's revenue. Next, the company will continue to be customer-oriented, timely design and develop products that meet the personalized needs of different customers, integrate high-quality resources in the industry, and consolidate channel construction

in 2018, the company focused on promoting the business of large-scale real estate projects, hardbound customized furniture and boutique hardware of high-end hotels and office buildings, and has established a good direct sales partnership with large-scale customers in the real estate field such as time real estate, Evergrande real estate, Yajule, China Merchants real estate, etc. Among them, Evergrande real estate was the company's largest customer in 2018, with sales of 104million yuan. At present, the revenue achieved by the company's bulk customer model does not account for a high proportion. The company will accelerate the promotion of bulk customer business and add new profit growth points for the company

in 2019, the company will adopt the whole house customization concept of door, wall, cabinet and kitchen integration, and the customized home business will extend kitchen cabinets, wallboards and other supporting products on the basis of the original product portfolio to create a harmonious, complete and perfect overall home space for customers. On this basis, it is planned to start the construction of a large-scale door, wall, cabinet and kitchen integrated whole house customized experience store, and it is planned to build more than 200 terminal experience stores nationwide in 2019

based on the product positioning of original products, the whole house customization business will vigorously promote the light luxury home series products in 2019, and systematically improve the quality of household products. It also launched a whole house customized sub brand that is benchmarked to European and American furniture and has a higher positioning, and maximized market share through differentiated and accurately positioned multi brand operation

while maintaining the growth of its main business, the company will strictly control risks, constantly strengthen its internal control system and improve its corporate governance. In addition, the company will improve the salary and incentive mechanism, establish a competitive salary system, introduce market talents, stimulate the enthusiasm of employees to the greatest extent, tap the creativity and potential power of employees, and strengthen the market competitiveness and profitability of the company. The company has always paid attention to the construction of corporate culture. At present, the company has set up a new corporate culture management center, which is committed to reassuring employees and their families, building a happy enterprise, people-oriented, and promoting the steady progress of the enterprise

before listing, the company formulated the "shareholder dividend return plan for the next three years after listing" in combination with its actual situation, which clarified the decision-making procedures, mechanism and specific dividend share distribution proportion of the company's dividend, effectively ensuring the reasonable investment return of all shareholders. After the issuance and listing in 2018, the company will continue to strictly implement the company's dividend policy and strengthen investors' return

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