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The first and second general meeting of Shenzhen call center industry association was successfully concluded

ctiforum news on October 11 (Yang Jialin): on October 12, 2012, Novotel Boleyn, Shenzhen. On this day, the autumn is crisp. On this day, the first and second general meeting of Shenzhen call center industry association was held here! More than 100 leaders from Shenzhen Civil Affairs Bureau, communication administration bureau and economic, trade and Information Commission, as well as the president, secretary general, directors, supervisors and representatives of member units were invited to attend the meeting

entrusted by the Council, Ms. Liao daili, Secretary General of Shenzhen call center industry association, made a work report entitled deepening industry exchanges and helping industry development to the superior leaders and all members on behalf of the association, focusing on the development of the call center industry in the past two years, the development scale and main services provided by the association, as well as the main work ideas of the association in the next stage

then, the host read out the list of candidates for this by election and explained the by election methods. In the legal, fair and just election process, all members unanimously passed the unified communication and cooperation production of Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. We carefully understand the product line, the call center of Great Wall property group, the operation center of the brokerage department of Guosen Securities Co., Ltd., the marketing department of China Merchants CIGNA life Insurance Co., Ltd The five units of Hangzhou Yuanchuan Communication Technology Co., Ltd. were elected as new directors. The magnitude of torque was obtained through torque sensor; The axial force is a constant load unit during each experiment. Luo Jun, deputy general manager of the customer service department of the credit card center of China CITIC Bank, was elected as the new vice president, resulting in the gap between the experimental results

then, Bai Aimin, President of Shenzhen call center industry association, and he, director of Shenzhen communications administration, delivered speeches respectively, congratulating the newly elected directors and their units, and affirming and appreciating the efforts and services made by the association since its establishment, recognizing that the association has an accurate positioning and rapid development; Innovative service, broad vision; The achievements are outstanding and fruitful, and the work ideas of the Association for the next step are instructed. The association is required to lead the innovative development of the municipal call center industry through innovative services, strengthen research and reflect the demands of member enterprises to the government departments. At the same time, the association should also run the meeting in accordance with the law, and strive to improve the ability and level of the association to serve members

finally, the meeting specially invited Professor Zeng Zhihui, a well-known expert in the industry, to share a speech entitled "win in core customers - customer loyalty program and membership marketing". Based on years of research, Mr. Zeng analyzed the development and existing problems of the customer loyalty program at home and abroad, and used a large number of cases to analyze in simple terms how to create enterprise loyal customers through the customer loyalty program, which was highly recognized and deeply thought by member representatives

after the meeting, all representatives attended the Fellowship Dinner organized by the association. At the banquet, the guest representatives drew out the gifts you wanted, and the entertainment professionals performed their favorite songs, laughing and singing. A song "tomorrow will be better" pushed the banquet to a climax! Everyone is happy, with the winning gifts and association details. 1. Connect the power cord and prepare a big group photo with a full load

thanks to the support and sponsorship of all member units and the instructions of the superior leadership departments for the success of this conference. The association will continue to work hard, expand its influence and continue to strive for the goal of becoming bigger and stronger with your support and leadership

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