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IFLYTEK's first anniversary of cooperation with Shanghai Foreign Studies University: man machine coupling is the key to the application of artificial intelligence

China news service, Shanghai, November 10 (Guo Rong) "man machine coupling is the key to the application of artificial intelligence and is becoming a global consensus." On the afternoon of November 9, liuqingfeng, chairman of iFLYTEK, said in a special report on "the development trend and application of artificial intelligence technology" for the central group of the Party committee of Shanghai Foreign Studies University, "the meaning of man-machine coupling is divided into two aspects, one is machine assisted labor, the other is human assisted machine. In the translation industry, how to use man-machine coupling to make machines better help interpretation is worth further exploration." Man machine coupling has become a hot spot and trend in the development of artificial intelligence industry

IFLYTEK and Shanghai Foreign Studies University are putting this proposition into practice and solving it hand in hand. In October, 2018, iFLYTEK and Shanghai Foreign Studies University announced to jointly build the Shanghai Foreign Studies University iFLYTEK intelligent interpretation and translation research joint laboratory to actively explore and cooperate in machine translation, simultaneous interpretation of man-machine coupling, translation assistance training, etc. Shangwai advanced translation college is the location of the first doctoral degree authorization point in translation in China. It has received the highest rating from the International Association of conference interpreters (AIIC) and won the title of "first-class conference interpretation teaching unit" in the world. As a result, it has become the only professional conference interpretation school in China, including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, ranking among the world's "top 15"

since its establishment one year ago, the Joint Laboratory of Shanghai University of Foreign Studies and iFLYTEK is continuously exploring the "man-machine coupling" method, using machines as assistants to help people learn and complete interpretation tasks, and thus developing a tool to assist interpreters. From demand research, software development, translator experiments, product polishing to the first trial, the two sides conducted 54 rounds of student comparative experiments, collected nearly 100 suggestions for product improvement, and constantly polished. In the final experimental results, the information integrity of interpretation based on proper nouns increased from 88% to 97%. Through the questionnaire, interpreters had reference information, and the work pressure also decreased by 20%

in the lecture on the same day, Liu Qingfeng also introduced the latest progress of iFLYTEK in the core technologies of intelligent speech and artificial intelligence, such as speech synthesis, speech recognition, oral evaluation, language translation, and mentioned that iFLYTEK won the first place again in the 2018 international oral machine translation evaluation competition, which has just ended recently, This is also iFLYTEK's ninth first in various international competitions this year

"iFLYTEK adheres to the development strategy of 'platform + track', goes deep into education, medical treatment, politics and law, consumers and other fields and launches various applications", liuqingfeng said that iFLYTEK adheres to the concept of "artificial intelligence helps education, teaching students in accordance with their aptitude to achieve dreams" and promotes the innovation of teaching mode

for those who are good at cultivating talents in language disciplines in Shanghai Foreign Studies University, rather than worrying about whether artificial intelligence will "rob the students of their jobs", it is better to encourage students to contact and make use of new technologies and be willing to assist the development of new technologies. Jiang Feng, Secretary of the Party committee of shangwai, said that shangwai should cultivate "high-end exchange" talents. At this level, artificial intelligence is far from replacing human beings. The cooperation with iFLYTEK is just a link for the university to turn the challenges from AI into new opportunities - in addition to the intelligent interpretation and translation laboratory, both at home and abroad strongly support and advocate the cross research between AI and related disciplines, Many high-end laboratories have been established, such as "the brain and cognitive science application industry has a saying that it is possible to meet gb228. How to curb design waste is a challenge that needs to be faced", "the University Key Laboratory" and "the artificial intelligence and data science application laboratory", and scholars are actively encouraged to engage in cutting-edge research that connects with the international track

after the lecture on the day, iFLYTEK and Shanghai University of foreign studies jointly held a "seminar on the development of the translation industry in the era of artificial intelligence". Jiang Feng, Secretary of the Party committee of Shanghai University of foreign studies, Ni Minjing, deputy director of Shanghai Municipal Commission of education, Li Zhengren, distinguished professor of Shanghai Foreign Studies University and former director of the interpretation Department of the United Nations in Geneva, Zhang Ailing, Dean of the school of advanced translation of Shanghai Foreign Studies University, vice president of iFLYTEK consumer business group Wang Wei, general manager of science and technology, and others participated in the discussion. (if necessary, supplement the important points of the Symposium)

in the future, iFLYTEK and shangwai will continue to work together and complement each other's advantages to further promote the transformation of talent training and artificial intelligence translation technology in the translation industry. As iFLYTEK said, man-machine coupling is not only the development trend of technology, but also the development requirement of social ethics, including the new TPE level that can adhere to various engineering plastic materials. It is not A.I. that is more powerful than human beings, but mastering A.I. Human beings. (end)

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