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Methods to effectively solve the quality problems of honeycomb paperboard

honeycomb paperboard, as a kind of paper packaging material, has been accepted by users at present, and honeycomb paperboard products are in line with the development trend of international packaging industry materials because they save resources, protect the ecological environment, so in the international practice, the durability of similar products of honeycomb paper can reach more than 20 years, and the market prospect of board products is very broad

but now honeycomb paperboard manufacturers often have quality problems due to poor control. At present, the common quality problems are generally as follows: honeycomb paperboard uses starch glue, which tends to be moldy for a long time; The adhesive quality is not good, and the upper and lower surface papers will open in a large area; Bees have high requirements for operation experience. When the nest board is bent, the upper layer breaks and the lower layer is separated; Honeycomb paperboard is easy to break when impacted; Honeycomb paperboard is soft, and obvious subsidence will occur when it is pressed down by hand; The sizing quality of the core strip is poor, the core layer has many holes, which is easy to stretch and fracture, and the honeycomb paperboard is easy to deform due to local cavitation; For various reasons, the face paper is uneven, wrinkled or warped

how to solve the quality problems of honeycomb paperboard? According to the analysis of insiders, first of all, we should start with the honeycomb base paper used in honeycomb paperboard (referring to the paper for honeycomb surface and honeycomb core). According to the actual situation of hearing a loud noise when the experimental force is applied to more than 13kn, the paper weight is selected: the weight of the core paper of the honeycomb paperboard, namely the corrugated base paper, is generally between 120~180 grams per square meter, and the weight of the face paper is between 200~500 grams per square meter; Determine the orientation of the paper: in the production of honeycomb paper, when the fiber direction of the core paper is perpendicular to the honeycomb paper surface, its compressive strength is 10% higher; Pay attention to the moisture content of paper: moisture has a significant impact on the flexibility, elasticity and strength of paper. Generally, the moisture content of honeycomb paperboard base paper is between 8-12%; Select the ring compression strength of paper: the higher the ring compression strength, the higher the flat compression strength of honeycomb paperboard and its bearing capacity. Generally, the ring compression strength of honeycomb paper core is 4.4~5.5n M per gram, while the ring compression strength of the face paper is 6.5n M per gram

secondly, choose the adhesive used in the production of honeycomb paperboard. At present, corn starch glue and white latex are mostly used in honeycomb paperboard. Corn starch glue has a slightly higher solid content, but there are many defects, such as low bonding strength, easy to become brittle, aging resistance, poor moisture resistance, easy to mildew and other phenomena. White latex is generally stable in quality, with high yield and tensile rate, fast drying, good strength, high solid content and long service life, which is suitable for large-area operation. Don't buy Adhesives that look small with the same tonnage. The quality of adhesives directly affects the peel strength, shear strength, compressive strength, etc. of honeycomb paperboard, so the choice of adhesives is also one of the important factors related to the quality of honeycomb paperboard

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