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methods of extinguishing the fire of electrical equipment with water

how to extinguish the fire with water under special conditions or without other extinguishing agents? Water can conduct electricity. Using the water column of the DC water gun to extinguish the fire of live electrical equipment is harmful to the body of fire fighters. Therefore, in fire fighting, when the equipment is electrified, we generally have to cut off the power supply before fighting. However, when the power cannot be cut off due to production or other reasons, it is necessary to put out the fire with electricity

when using water to put out a fire with electricity, the charged body and the sprayed water column, water gun, human body and ground will form a current circuit, and the current passed in this circuit has a direct impact on the safety of human body. The following introduces several methods of extinguishing fire with water and electricity

install the grounding wire on the nozzle of the metal water gun

the grounding wire can be a soft copper wire with a cross-section of mm and a length of M. The grounding rod can be used with an iron pipe or rod of about 1m, and the firefighting personnel shall wear insulating gloves and insulating rubber boots

before live fire fighting, the water gunner should firmly connect one end of the grounding wire to the nozzle of the metal water gun, and the other end to the grounding rod, and drive the grounding rod into the ground about 0.5 meters. If the grounding wire is connected with other grounding devices, it is required to have a good contact. When holding the water gun, the position of the hand must be behind the grounding wire, select the distance from the live body, and then shoot water to fight the fire

wear uniform clothes

at present, there are two kinds of uniform clothes used: one is made of cotton fiber or animal fiber twisted with copper wire, and the other is made of cotton cloth through chemical copper plating or silver plating. Both of them are pressed in cotton yarn or cotton cloth, and both contain metal conductors with large components. The uniform clothes made of this material include hats, gloves, clothes, socks, uppers, etc., while the soles are made of conductive rubber. When wearing uniform clothes, you must buckle the buttons between clothes, gloves, socks and rubber shoes, so that the copper wires between them are screwed together to form a good grounding wire, and then select the water shooting distance according to the voltage, and use the metal water gun to shoot water for fire fighting

wear insulating gloves and insulating boots

when wearing insulating gloves and insulating boots to extinguish fire with water charged, the most experienced water gunner should be selected, and the distance between the nozzle of the water gun and the charged body should be expanded as much as possible. Measures should be taken to prevent water droplets from flowing into the gloves. The organizer expects that the range will reach 500 people and rubber boots, stand on the insulating board, face the fire source, and make water droplets fall on the fire source by shooting. In general, it is best not to use a full water column to shoot directly at the fire source to prevent danger

use spray water flow

install a two-stage centrifugal spray head on the muzzle of the DC water gun, that is, a two-stage centrifugal spray water gun. This accurately controls the speed of heating and cooling Maximum experimental force: 50000n (5 tons); The water flow emitted by the rate water gun has a good atomization degree and is almost non-conductive. Experiments have proved that when the nozzle of the water gun is 5 meters away from the 127 kV charged body and carries out live fire extinguishing under the water pressure of 7 kg per square centimeter, there is no leakage of water, and its range can reach meters

when this spray water gun is used for live fire extinguishing, the water gun can directly live fire extinguishing without grounding. However, the distance should be selected according to the voltage. The pressure of the fire pump should be maintained at kg per square centimeter, and the fire can be put out by shooting at the electrified body only after the fog water sprayed by the water gun is normal

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