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Recently, the "2017 Beijing Tianjin Hebei new technology, new equipment and new process Expo for urban and rural environmental sanitation", which has attracted much industry attention, was opened as scheduled in Cangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, Hebei Province, and hundreds of industrial enterprises led by Zoomlion environment participated in the Expo, Thousands of products of the whole environmental sanitation industry chain, such as top-level municipal solid waste treatment, urban and rural environmental sanitation facilities and equipment, cleaning equipment, were displayed. The high-tech environmental protection equipment such as Zoomlion environment's dust control series equipment, high concentration sewage treatment equipment, kitchen garbage collection vehicles and so on surprised the whole audience and became the focus of the whole exhibition

It is reported that the main sources of urban dust are construction sites, factories, mines and municipal roads

at present, factories and mines on the construction site usually only have simple stacking materials to cover and spray dust, and manual desilting and washing of vehicles, so the overall dust reduction effect is poor. Especially in the northern region, dry weather conditions and low air humidity are very likely to cause serious construction dust, soil dust and yard dust, which not only endanger the health of construction workers, but also affect the air quality of the city. In case of severe weather such as strong winds, it will lead to dust, sand and even sandstorm weather

in the dust control process of municipal roads, at this stage, most cities in China still adopt the method of sprinkling water to reduce dust, and do not effectively control the dust in the road area and the secondary dust generated by rolling, blowing and cleaning, resulting in multiple settlement and repeated pollution of road dust

Zhonglian artifact comes on the scene, and the environmental storm is coming violently.

in order to suppress the dust on the construction site, the housing and construction system all over the country stipulates that the construction site construction should resolutely achieve "six 100%", that is, 100% enclosure around the construction site, 100% coverage of material stacking, 100% washing of incoming and outgoing vehicles, 100% hardening of the ground surface of the construction site, 100% wet operation of the demolition site, and 100% closed transportation of waste vehicles, starting the battle of air pollution prevention and control

facing the air pollution prevention and control problem that the government urgently needs to solve, Zoomlion environment has developed a series of supporting dust control equipment and formulated a "two in one" comprehensive dust control solution

"two in one" comprehensive solution for dust control

a major source of dust in factories and mines on the construction site is stack dust. According to repeated experiments by insiders, compared with the traditional felt cover dust reduction and water spray dust removal capacity, spraying dust suppressants is the best effect, environmental protection and no secondary pollution

Zoomlion environment zlj5250tdyd multi-functional dust suppression vehicle

spraying dust suppressant requires professional spray dust suppression equipment. The Zoomlion environment zlj5250tdyd multi-functional dust suppression vehicle exhibited this time has cloud dust suppression technology to further improve the dust suppression effect

Zoomlion environment multi-function dust suppression vehicle turns water mist into "cloud" like water droplets through high-pressure air cannon. At the construction site, select the agglomerating dust inhibitor, make full use of the small particle characteristics of "cloud" to increase the contact area between the dust inhibitor and the dust, so that the dust collides and agglomerates to form agglomerates, which continue to grow and become heavier until they settle naturally and rapidly, so as to achieve the purpose of eliminating dust. In factories and mines, bonded dust suppressants are selected. Through the principles of consolidation, covering, silicification and polymerization, a consolidated layer with certain strength and hardness is formed on the surface of materials to resist the damage of external factors such as wind to achieve dust suppression

another major source of dust on the construction site is muck transportation. Traditional cargo transfer vehicles have no sealing structure or poor box sealing. During the transfer process, the residue is easy to run, drip and leak, resulting in secondary dust during the transportation process. However, the loading capacity of ordinary garbage collection and transportation vehicles is small, so they are not suitable for residue transportation

dump garbage truck

the "environmental friendly and intelligent" dump garbage truck developed by Zoomlion environment. The carriage is a U-shaped cargo box, sealed design, and uses high-strength wear-resistant steel plate for one-time stamping. It has the characteristics of low self weight, low center of gravity, no hanging, impact resistance, and high durability. There is no stiffener exposed in the box, there is no mud and soil during loading, it is easy to wash out, and it also avoids the dust pollution during transportation

in addition, the dust pollution of municipal roads mainly comes from the secondary dust caused by the sediment carried by residue transport vehicles and the accumulation of dust from road occupied construction projects. At present, most cities adopt the method of spraying dust by sprinkler, and do not carry out targeted treatment on the dust on the road area and the secondary dust generated by rolling, blowing and cleaning. The signs of mounds have been made and re listed into many times of road dust gb/t 2038 (1) 991 metal data ductile fracture toughness JIC experimental method settlement and repeated pollution

washing and sweeping car

in 2007, Zoomlion environment took the lead in developing a multi-functional washing and sweeping car in China that has won a number of national patents in combination with the characteristics of the domestic market. The multi-functional washing and sweeping vehicle has many functions, such as road cleaning, road cleaning, road edge and stone facade brushing, low-pressure washing and so on. It is especially suitable for high-definition cleanliness cleaning and dust removal of road surfaces and edges, as well as general cleaning operations such as cleaning and sweeping of road surfaces and edges. It also has a washing and sweeping sewage recovery mechanism to greatly avoid secondary pollution caused by sewage flow. According to statistics, under the high-definition cleanliness operation mode, the dust removal and cleaning rate of the road can reach 97%

with the development of urbanization, the road width of urban municipal roads is gradually widened, and eight lane and ten Lane roads in the city have gradually become the mainstream trend. Especially in the newly-built Development Zone, due to the large number of construction vehicles, the demand for road cleaning and dust reduction is increasingly urgent. The washing pressure of traditional sprinkler is small, so it is unable to remove the dust accumulated by road rolling

zlj5250gqx high-pressure cleaning car

in this case, the zlj5250gqx high-pressure cleaning car can be equipped with a hydraulic high-pressure water spray rack to clean the old stains and viscous dirt on the road. Its high-pressure angle spray can be used to clean curbs, guardrail isolation piers, etc., and the front flushing duckbill, rear flushing, and rear sprinkler devices can be used for flushing and watering operations in places such as highways. After the sedimentation of several generations of high-pressure cleaning vehicle equipment technology, the whole vehicle waterway has reached the goal of optimizing the normal operation of the experiment, and the cleaning efficiency has reached more than 95%

as the "last kilometer" of dust control of municipal roads, urban sidewalks and non motorized lanes are difficult to use large road cleaning vehicles because of their heavy load-bearing pavement materials and narrow width. However, pure manual cleaning is inefficient and difficult to meet the requirements of city appearance planning. At this time, it is necessary to use small road maintenance equipment

zlj5020tyh road maintenance vehicle

zlj5020tyh road maintenance vehicle is equipped with fixed-point cleaning device of front water spray frame, automatic cleaning device of left and right independent corner spraying and high-pressure hand-held spray gun, which is especially suitable for cleaning urban sidewalks, non motorized lanes, greasy ground of stalls, curbs, yellow and white markings of roads, and urban psoriasis

exhibition site

Zoomlion environmental road and site dust control series products stunned the Beijing Tianjin Hebei Environmental Sanitation exhibition, helping to fight against air pollution in the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region. Their excellent performance and performance on the exhibition site attracted the attention of many guests

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