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Zoomlion equipment shines in South America m&t exhibition

Guide: Recently, in the five-day largest construction machinery exhibition in South America, M amp; At the T exhibition, Zoomlion CIFA jointly exhibited a series of products such as pump truck, towing pump, distributor, on-board pump, mixer truck, CIFA turbine mixer, etc., which attracted many customers. 22. Overload protection: automatic protection when the maximum load exceeds 10%; Dozens of equipment orders have been signed. M amp; T Expo three years

recently, at the five-day MT exhibition, the largest construction machinery exhibition in South America, most of the electric vehicles of Zoomlion CIFA United quickly exhibited a series of products such as pump trucks, towing pumps, distributors, on-board pumps, mixers, CIFA turbine mixers, which attracted many customers and signed orders for dozens of sets of equipment

m but it doesn't seem easy. T Expo is held every three years and is the largest construction machinery and mining machinery exhibition in South America. At this exhibition, 494 large enterprises from 15 countries including Zoomlion and caterpillar participated

cifa turbine mixer's appearance at the exhibition brought visitors a refreshing feeling. It is jointly developed by Zoomlion, CIFA and the Brazilian general agent of Zoomlion concrete machinery company. It is small, easy to disassemble and easy to operate, meeting the needs of many local users of small volume mixing

in addition, the dry and wet dual function mixer truck of Zoomlion, which is customized for the Brazilian market, is suitable for local special requirements. It is not only beautiful in appearance, but also superior in performance. It has become the main product of Zoomlion concrete mixing products in Brazil

during the exhibition, the chief executive officer and sales director of Zoomlion Concrete Machinery Co., Ltd., the general agent of Brazil, unanimously said: Zoomlion is the strongest concrete equipment manufacturing brand in China, and CIFA is the representative of advanced technology in Europe. If our enterprise can cooperate with these two kings, it will surely create a better future in Brazil

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