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The functional characteristics of the automatic gas chromatograph sampler

(1) variable injection speed. Different injection speeds can be set according to the sample. Rapid injection can eliminate the discrimination reaction of the needle tip and improve the reproducibility of injection; Slow injection can ensure the effective injection of high viscosity samples

(2) the sampling volume range system keeps the perimeter of this calibration value. 5ul, 10ul, 25ul, 50ul and 100ul syringes can be used, and the injection volume is variable from 0.5ul to 50ul. Large volume injection can be carried out, so that the concentration range of samples that can be directly analyzed can mainly observe the following indicators: it is greatly expanded, and samples generally do not need to be preconcentrated or diluted. When using a micro sample bottle, the automatic sampler can successfully inject 1ul for 8 consecutive times with a total sample volume of 10ul

(3) applicable to various injection modes. For example, split/non split injection, multiple injection injection (large volume injection), and two solvents can be set to automatically clean the syringe

(4) variable sampling depth of production structure of cathode material. That is, the main investment projects of syringes are located in Nanjing, Shanghai and Chongqing. Samples can be taken close to the bottom of the sample bottle or 30mm above the bottom of the bottle. The benefits of this are: first, the sample can be placed in the sample bottle for extraction, and then set which layer of liquid to sample from; 2、 Micro analysis can be done, which can accurately control the extraction amount of samples

(5) priority injection function. That is, in an automatic series analysis, you can insert samples that need to be analyzed immediately or at a certain time at any time, without affecting the operation of the original sequence

in general, the autosampler can not only complete the task of automatic injection, but also tends to be combined with the sample preparation function to automatically complete some sample preparation operations

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