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Functional characteristics and installation precautions of thermal protector

thermal relay is a combination of two different alloys, which will generate heat after passing the current. Due to the different thermal expansion coefficients of the two different alloys, the alloy is bound to bend in one direction, get an electric shock and leave, and then cut off the electricity. The bending speed is directly proportional to the current passing through. This protects the electrical equipment

functional characteristics: thermal fuse is an element that provides very reliable protection under overtemperature conditions. It has small volume, large overcurrent, no reset, stable performance, convenient installation, and has a certain range of humidity settings and bearing capacity to choose from, so as to meet the application needs of customers. Application: thermal fuse is an element that provides very reliable protection for over temperature conditions. It is widely used in household appliances, industrial equipment and health care products. It plays a role of post heat compensation protection. Under the failure of temperature controller and other overheating, the thermal fuse cuts off the circuit to protect the circuit from harmful overheating damage

installation precautions: 1. When bending the lead, it should be bent from the part more than 6mm away from the root; During bending, the root and lead shall not be damaged, and the lead shall not be forcibly pulled, pressed or twisted. 2. When the thermal fuse link is fixed by screws, rivets or terminals, it should be able to prevent the occurrence of poor contact caused by mechanical creep. 3. The connecting parts shall be able to work reliably within the working range of electrical products without displacement due to vibration and impact. 4. During lead wire welding, the heating humidity should be limited to the minimum. Note that we also want to thank this customer for his trust in us. The physical performance of thermal fuse peek is close to that of human bones, plus high temperature; It is not allowed to forcibly pull, press, twist and twist the thermal fuse and lead you to safely use the experimental machine wire of our company; After welding, it should be cooled for more than 30 seconds immediately. 5. The thermal fuse link can only be used under the specified rated voltage, current and specified temperature. In particular, it should be noted that the thermal fuse link can withstand the maximum continuous temperature, which can also be controlled by strain or displacement. Note: the nominal current, lead length and temperature can be designed according to the requirements of customers

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