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Zoomlion dry mixed mortar equipment BMW signed a contract of nearly 200 million to reshape the industry market pattern

Zoomlion dry mixed mortar equipment BMW signed a contract of nearly 200 million to reshape the industry market pattern

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on November 23, Zoomlion and Hangzhou Motai Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Motai) held a m-TEC strategic cooperation awarding ceremony at the Shanghai BMW exhibition. In addition, the two sides signed an agreement that Mattel plans to purchase Zoomlion dry mixed mortar and related supporting products, with a total amount of nearly 200 million yuan

licensing signing, Zoomlion joined hands with customers to create a win-win business district

the licensing ceremony was held in the Zoomlion exhibition hall of the New International Expo Center of BMW Shanghai. Yin Zhengfu, vice president of Zoomlion, Dr. Meiding, CEO of German m-TEC company, Zhang Guobao, chairman of Motai shares, and sun Hui, general manager attended the ceremony

Yin Zhengfu, vice president of Zoomlion and Dr. Meiding, CEO of German m-TEC company, solemnly awarded the title of "China partner of m-TEC dry mixed mortar formula, production and construction technology" to Mattel at the ceremony of awarding the license to sun Hui, general manager of Mattel. German m-TEC company is the world's first brand of dry mixed mortar, which was officially acquired by Zoomlion in 2014. Dr. Meiding said: "We and Mattel share a very deep understanding of dry mixed mortar. As m-TEC, we have been promoting the development of construction technology around the world for 40 years, and Mattel share is also committed to using dry mixed mortar to bring higher social and economic benefits to Chinese construction units. What I want to say is that dry mixed mortar can not only be a profitable business, but also a manifestation of spirit. A polyurea technology has been approved by Qingdao University of technology Professor Huang Weiwei introduces the spirit of Chinese craftsmen and serves the spirit of social development and progress. It is based on this consensus that we came together and became partners. " The relevant person in charge of Mattel said that Mattel continued to innovate its business model and build a solution oriented blue ocean development pattern, and thanked Zoomlion and m-TEC for their support in many aspects

Mattel is a strategic partner of Zoomlion in the field of dry mixed mortar. The relationship between the two sides did not begin at the Shanghai BMW exhibition. During the 2014 BMW Shanghai exhibition, Mattel signed a 50million dry mixed mortar frame project with Zoomlion. At present, 300000 tons of the first phase of the project are put into operation on schedule, and the application efficiency has exceeded expectations both in terms of product performance and overall construction solutions

on the eve of this year's G20 Hangzhou summit, Zoomlion's new generation of illite has a relatively complex composition, and the machine-made sand dry mixing two in one green mortar production line (zsl100+mta3000b) has been successfully commissioned and put into operation in Motai. After on-site testing, all indicators of the product are excellent, which provides a perfect answer for the G20

Zoomlion m-tecmta3000 production line was successfully commissioned and put into operation in Motai.

based on the previous good cooperation and full trust in Zoomlion equipment, at this BMW Shanghai exhibition, in addition to becoming a long-term strategic partner, Motai Co., Ltd. is significantly "overweight" in procurement, and plans to invest nearly 200 million yuan in batch procurement of Zoomlion dry mixed mortar production line and related supporting products. At the same time, Motai will become the technical cooperation and Exhibition base of Zoomlion m-TEC dry mixed mortar equipment in the future, which will further deepen the cooperative relationship between the two sides

at the signing ceremony, the head of Motai shares expressed optimism about the future cooperation between the two sides, saying that Zoomlion has a forward-looking industrial layout in dry mixed mortar. It is believed that with the strong support of Zoomlion, Motai will lead the dry mixed mortar industry to a new development mode

through this licensing and signing, Zoomlion will further improve its market share in the field of dry mixed mortar and reshape the current market pattern. At the same time, with the deepening of the strategic partnership with Mattel, the two sides will further work together to explore the market, innovate business models, and achieve win-win business district

technology and environmental protection, Zoomlion dry mixed mortar scheme opens the 3.0 era

m-tec bulk ready mixed mortar fully automatic and efficient pneumatic conveying spraying system appears again in Shanghai BMW exhibition

during this Shanghai BMW exhibition, Zoomlion will fully display the m-TEC dry mixed mortar system solution through on-site spraying demonstration and other means

dry mixed mortar is a new building material that can be widely used in construction projects. It can not only upgrade the construction quality, but also eliminate the pollution caused by the on-site mixing method of mortar in the current construction process. It has been developed more mature in developed countries in Europe and the United States. With the continuous development of environmental protection in China, the popularization of dry mixed mortar will be the general trend

based on the prediction and judgment of the upgrading and transformation direction of the construction machinery industry and the future market prospect, Zoomlion officially acquired m-TEC company in Germany in 2014, which improved the product and technical competitiveness of Zoomlion as soon as possible. In terms of key parts and sales channels, Zoomlion and m-TEC complement each other, improve the R & D and manufacturing capacity of key parts, and help Zoomlion become a country. Therefore, before connecting, it is necessary to confirm the state of power supply and the only enterprise in the domestic dry mixed mortar industry that has the ability to carry out equipment R & D and marketing from the perspective of a complete industrial chain of dry mixed mortar, and has become an international leading enterprise in dry mixed mortar equipment

the m-TEC dry mixed mortar system solution unveiled at the Shanghai BMW exhibition covers the whole process from the production of fine machine-made sand, the laboratory formula technology of dry mixed mortar, the production quality control technology to the terminal efficient mechanized construction application. Through the demonstration of the special pneumatic conveying system g140 for bulk mortar, the continuous mixer d30 and the mortar pump P50 combined equipment of the patented technology on site, It further deepened customers' understanding of the terminal mechanized construction application

this system solution is green in the production process and opens an environment-friendly mode; Superior product performance can maximize customer value; At the same time, with the assistance of advanced formula technology, it can effectively enhance the core value of customers. In addition to consolidating the brand, technology and market advantages of Zoomlion dry mixed mortar equipment, it also points out the direction of sustainable development for the ready mixed mortar industry and ushers in the era of ready mixed mortar 3.0

through this BMW Shanghai exhibition, Zoomlion fully demonstrated the top technical quality in the field of dry mixed mortar, the perfect global industrial chain and high-quality sales and service channels, and more highlighted the concept and strength of moving forward hand in hand with customers and creating more value

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