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Zoomlion environmental industry continues to make efforts, with strong revenue growth in two months

Zoomlion environmental industry continues to make efforts, with strong revenue growth in two months

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recently, Zoomlion brought 10 star products such as dust suppression vehicles, cleaning vehicles, garbage compression vehicles, cleaning vehicles, etc. to the 2017 Henan urban and rural environmental sanitation new technology, new equipment and new process Expo. These new products, which comprehensively integrate intelligent interconnection technology and material technology, and improve manufacturing technology and industrial design, have become the focus of attention at the exhibition site. It is understood that in January and February this year, Zoomlion environmental sanitation equipment sales continued to lead the industry, with strong growth in operating revenue, and continued to rank first in the national market share

over the past 30 years, the environmental and ecological problems brought about by China's rapid economic development have been concerned by more and more people. Around 2015, the state introduced a series of environmental protection policies around the "environmental quality improvement goals", and further promoted the PPP model of environmental governance, promoting China's environmental protection industry to enter a new stage of rapid development during the "13th five year plan"

in the past year, Zoomlion's environmental industry revenue continued to maintain rapid growth. The market share of sanitation equipment products has ranked first in China for 14 consecutive years, and a number of green, intelligent and healthy 4.0 sanitation products have been launched. For example, zlj5160txsx1dfe5, the sanitation 4.0 washing and sweeping vehicle, is the product with the strongest working ability and the highest cleaning ability among the high-performance vehicles in the industry of sanitation machinery and the use of new materials. The overall cleanliness of the road surface after the vehicle works can reach more than 90%, which can realize no ponding, no dust, sitting on the ground

chenpeiliang, vice president of Zoomlion, introduced that in 2017, the company's environmental sanitation equipment was committed to developing multi-functional garbage collection vehicles and products suitable for county environmental governance, and focused on snow removal, municipal and new energy products. At the same time, consolidate the technical advantages of core products, promote intelligent sanitation, and make the equipment intelligent and the project monitoring unmanned or less manned

"in terms of environmental governance, we will coordinate and urge enterprises to strengthen self-discipline, expand the business model of county environmental governance projects, launch more high-quality alternative models, fully implement existing landing projects, and create multiple county environmental governance samples."

it is understood that Zoomlion is fully expanding its county environmental governance business, focusing on biomass, construction waste, township sewage, leachate treatment and other environmental governance fields. Recently, Zoomlion County wide environmental governance PPP project has been signed and implemented in Hanshou County, Cili County, Zhangjiajie Yongding District and other places in Hunan Province. Since the "Hunan model" of the county wide environmental governance PPP project was proposed in December 2015, agreements have been signed with 41 national key ecological function districts and counties in Hunan Province, and five districts and counties have been officially launched in the province at present

Chen Peiliang said that Zoomlion has developed into China's largest environmental industry group integrating environmental equipment manufacturing, investment and operation. In the future, the company will continue to transform and upgrade, develop from the front end to the back end, open up the whole industrial chain, focus on the overall situation of urban and rural environmental governance, and based on the new requirements of environmental governance for equipment manufacturing, continue to launch new processes, new equipment, and new models to promote the innovative development of environmental governance, so as to escort the sustainable development of China's environment

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