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Zoomlion environment delivered nearly 10 million sanitation equipment to Jiangyan, Taizhou

Zoomlion environment delivered nearly 10 million sanitation equipment to Jiangyan, Taizhou

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recently, 19 sets of sanitation products with a total value of nearly 10 million went to Jiangyan District, Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province, and held a lively delivery ceremony at the sanitation management center of the district. The reason why Taizhou Jiang giant became a giant weir was that there was a specially assigned person to keep it. The leaders and technicians of relevant departments carefully reviewed this batch of sanitation equipment, giving a thumbs up for the sanitation equipment of Zoomlion environment

it is reported that among the 19 sanitation equipment delivered to Jiangyan District Sanitation Management Center this time, the compression docking garbage truck and leak free compression garbage truck are the main ones

At the delivery ceremony of nearly 10 million sanitation equipment delivered by Zoomlion environment to Jiangyan, Taizhou, leaders of relevant units said: every summer, a large amount of domestic waste is generated, and the hot weather accelerates the decay of waste, emits odor, and breeds a large number of bacteria. However, ordinary garbage trucks are not well sealed, and problems such as sewage dripping and spilling often occur in the process of garbage transfer, causing secondary pollution to the environment and increasing the work intensity of the environmental sanitation department. However, the garbage sanitation equipment developed and produced by Zoomlion environment not only solves the problem of secondary pollution, but also makes the operation simpler and humanized

the double-layer rubber seal is used between the garbage can and the filler of Zoomlion environmental compression garbage truck, and a diversion device is set at the seal to divert the sewage to the sewage tank, which solves the secondary pollution caused by sewage leakage. Secondly, the advanced two-way compression technology is adopted, and the garbage compression ratio is high, which greatly improves the efficiency of garbage transfer and other work. It can also be equipped with a multimedia real-time monitoring system to monitor the information of filling, loading, unloading and reversing, so as to protect the safety of vehicle operation

with the continuous development of ecological civilization construction in Taizhou, people have higher and higher requirements for the environment. In order to better serve urban residents, the municipal environmental sanitation department can only improve the quality and quantity of environmental sanitation equipment and complete the daily tasks of road cleaning and garbage removal with quality and quantity guaranteed

it is understood that Zoomlion environment, relying on its strong brand strength and product technology advantages, has a market share of more than 90% in Taizhou. Therefore, the intelligent and environmentally friendly Zoomlion environmental sanitation equipment shoulders the important task of environmental sanitation support in Taizhou

in the future, Zoomlion environment will have the firm belief of "guarding one side of the market and protecting one side of the environment", and make a contribution to the local environment in a timely manner; Own mental strength

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