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Zoomlion engineering crane Co., Ltd. appeared at Shanghai BMW exhibition with ten new products

Zoomlion engineering crane Co., Ltd. appeared at Shanghai BMW exhibition with ten new products

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with the development of electronic technology and the improvement of servo electromechanical performance

on November 27, the biennial Shanghai BMW Construction Machinery Exhibition kicked off in Shanghai New International Expo Center. Zoomlion engineering crane Co., Ltd. unveiled ten new mobile cranes at the Shanghai BMW exhibition, with the theme of "10" to fame, to show the world's leading 4.0 boutique cranes to the construction machinery industry

the new products launched by Zoomlion engineering crane company this time include: the industry's first 20 ton 5-SECTION boom hydraulic control version of truck crane ztc201, 25 ton 5-SECTION boom 42m boom length differentiated product ztc251; High performance 5-arm 35t ztc350 and 5-arm 70t ztc700; Industry leading and newly upgraded ztc1101; Intelligent benchmarking products: 130 ton truck crane ztc1300, 130 ton all terrain crane zat1300; Zat4000, an all terrain 400 ton crane with leading lifting performance in the industry, zrt850, an 85 ton cross-country tire crane, and zcc9800, an 800 ton crawler crane for wind power hoisting artifact

in the exhibition area, Zoomlion engineering crane company showed four models of products: ztc1300, zat4000, zrt850 and zcc9800. Zcc9800 showed the 178m working condition that set a new record in the industry, becoming the highest point of this BMW exhibition. A demonstration area of ztc1300 intelligent crane was set up on site to demonstrate the industry-leading functions such as intelligent working condition planning, remote control, hook self positioning, self-learning reciprocating hoisting, and the interactive links in the demonstration process were warmly participated by the audience. Through the display of this product, a beautiful blueprint for intelligent hoisting is drawn for the hoisting industry

classic inheritance - Zoomlion ztc350h5 truck crane

h appears for the first time in the internal model of Zoomlion crane. This "H" is the abbreviation of high, which means that the high level of speed products can be customized according to actual needs, which will give a new definition to the 35 ton Market: buy 50 tons of performance at the price of 35 tons. Higher platform: 39 tons of complete machine; Higher performance: 44m main boom, 60m maximum lifting height, 36m maximum working amplitude of main boom; Higher configuration: two-stage outrigger and 7-ton counterweight

accumulation and thin development - Zoomlion ztc700v5 truck crane

benefits from the strong performance and ultra-low operating cost of the product, This product is facing the challenge of 6 arms of the same tonnage (for example, the clamp clamping surface products of samples such as plastic film and fiber wire will become the subverter of this product sequence. The main arm + goose head frame arm is 52 meters long, and the length of five arms reaches the length of six arms in the industry; the telescopic efficiency of double cylinder + rope row telescopic mechanism is much higher than that of six arm products; the full boom lifting weight is 10.5 tons, and the full counterweight is 14 tons; the climbing slope of class G vehicles is> 46%, and the off-road operation performance is stronger. The strong load capacity of the large platform brings low operation costs This: it can drive with a 10.5-ton counterweight, equipped with a 3-meter heavy-duty goose head frame, which can be driven with the vehicle

"intelligent hoisting robot" - Zoomlion ztc1300 truck crane

integrates interconnection +, cloud computing, remote control and artificial intelligence. Ztc1300 intelligent prototype extends intelligent hoisting planning, cloud control, chassis self positioning, hook self positioning, weight intelligent anti swing, winch composite linkage, boom deflection adaptive compensation, automatic hoisting Intelligent working conditions and many other leading industry-leading intelligent technologies. The whole operation process can realize intelligent operation. The basic ztc1300 is also equipped with a number of intelligent advanced technologies, and has the characteristics of longer main boom, better performance, more stable operation, etc. at the same time, the short-distance transfer can be equipped with 10 ton bottom counterweight and two jibs, which brings customers a more convenient use experience

precise development - Zoomlion zcc9800w crawler crane

zcc9800w is a new generation of wind power lifting artifact, which has set a new industry lifting height record: 178m crane 112 tons, unique wind power jib, no need for super lift counterweight, double winch operation and other functions, which can achieve efficient operation; Get on and off the vehicle separately, with a maximum of 40t per piece, and complete the assembly of the longest wind power boom in 24 hours

since Zoomlion launched its 4.0 series of products, after two years of careful and deep cultivation, it has completed the upgrading of 76% of the product models of mobile cranes, and has fully entered the 4.0 stage. In the future, Zoomlion will continue to pursue technology, quality, cost and service to a new level of product performance and intelligent manufacturing

the main machine of the experimental machine, the constant pressure servo pump station, the hydraulic chuck and other key components are designed and manufactured by our company

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