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On January 12, the centralized signing ceremony between 27 national key ecological functional districts and counties in Hunan Province and Zoomlion county environmental governance projects was held in Changsha. The purpose of this signing is to continuously and stably ensure the environmental quality of national key functional ecological districts and counties, improve the overall level of environmental protection, promote the construction of new urbanization, and establish the "Hunan model" of county environmental governance. Leaders of the Provincial Department of finance, the Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development, the Provincial Department of environmental protection and Zoomlion attended and witnessed the ceremony

it is understood that Hunan Province will adopt the PPP mode to promote the construction of the county garbage collection and transportation system, and the government and enterprises will cooperate to explore a new way of environmental protection. The leaders of Hunan Province attach great importance to this, and require the relevant departments directly under the provincial government to explore a new way of environmental protection through cooperation between the government and reputable and powerful key enterprises. With the support and planning of the provincial government, the Provincial Department of finance, the Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development and the Provincial Department of environmental protection, on November 4, the PPP docking meeting of the garbage collection and transportation system of national key ecological function districts and counties was held in Changsha. After the meeting, Zoomlion attached great importance to it and actively connected with all ecological functional districts and counties in accordance with the basic principles of "government authorization, Zoomlion leadership, alliance cohesion, equal consultation, market rules, risk sharing, mutual benefit and win-win results". With the good communication and active cooperation of all districts and counties, the computer universal tensile testing machine exhibition, which is widely used at present, has been successful and achieved fruitful results

recently, nearly half of the national key ecological function districts and counties in Hunan Province signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement on County wide environmental governance with Zoomlion. The effectiveness of all environmental governance including regional work will greatly improve the medium and long-term planning of internal environmental governance and comprehensive solutions for environmental governance, and provide comprehensive environmental governance services including garbage collection and transportation, sewage treatment, water body remediation, soil remediation, etc

at present, Zoomlion has accelerated the pace of strategic transformation and industrial upgrading. On the one hand, through endogenous growth, it has increased R & D investment and practice in the environmental industry; On the other hand, through extensive growth, actively seek cooperation with advanced enterprises to achieve leapfrog development. Accelerate the expansion from the field of sanitation machinery to the field of environmental industry, and realize the transformation from the provider of sanitation equipment to the provider of overall solutions and investment operators of the environmental industry

chenpeiliang, vice president of Zoomlion environment group, said that Zoomlion has used the industry experience accumulated over the years to build in full swing for more than half a year and give full play to its capital advantages, brand advantages and talent advantages to cooperate with the government in PPP projects, integrate first-class professional enterprises in the industry, and provide full environmental service guarantee

Recently, Zoomlion signed strategic cooperation agreements with Beijing yuantaida Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Energy and environmental protection Co., Ltd. They have been deeply integrated with the two enterprises in the field of construction waste recycling and waste incineration business, and have fully entered the environmental treatment industry

Zoomlion and eco functional districts and counties actively explore the PPP mode of county wide environmental governance. In order to establish a long-term operating mechanism for environmental governance, innovate the environmental governance mode, and create the "Hunan mode" of China's county environmental governance, the "Zoomlion mode" of the county environmental governance industry has made continuous efforts to make Zoomlion take the lead in the journey of promoting the rapid economic and social development of the county and building a beautiful China

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