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The action plan for the new display industry will be released, focusing on supporting technologies such as flexible panels. At the "2018 China display academic conference" held on September 20, Wu Shengwu, deputy director of the electronic information department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said that the Ministry of industry and information technology will issue and implement the 2018-2020 action plan for the new display industry with relevant departments as soon as possible, so as to promote the coordination between relevant industries and policies such as finance and taxation, The extension speed of China's new display industry towards the global value chain is too fast or too slow, medium and high-end. We will focus on guiding and supporting enterprises in the research and development of mass production technologies such as ultra-high and frugal energy cleaning and flexible panels, and accelerate the research and layout of forward-looking display technologies such as OLED micro display and printed OLED display

flexible AMOLED related products are widely used in, tablet, laptop, display, TV, car, wearable devices and other fields, and will gradually become the mainstream of the display industry because of its excellent characteristics. At present, Samsung and Huawei, the world's leading and second-largest intelligent manufacturers, have both stated that they will launch smart products with folding screens next year. According to authoritative industry data, from 2016 to 2022, the compound annual growth rate of the demand for flexible AMOLED with water temperature lower than the set temperature is as high as 35.1%

among listed companies:

vicino: 32.614 billion yuan invested in AMOLED projects, including 3.5 ", 5.5", 8.0 "and other flexible AMOLED displays of various sizes. At the conference, the company, as the host, presented four innovative flexible AMOLED display products

Zhongying Electronics: it has successfully delivered full hdamoled flexible screen driver chips, and has achieved a leading position in the field of AMOLED driver chips

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