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The action plan for water pollution prevention and control is being formulated.

the control response is slow. Recently, it was learned that the action plan for water pollution prevention and control, one of the three environmental protection action plans led by the Ministry of environmental protection, is currently under intense development. It is expected that the same test block for hld530 will be reported after the air pollution prevention and control action plan is issued. The establishment of emission compensation system based on control units may become one of the most important innovations in the action plan for water pollution prevention and control

control unit is a regional concept of water pollution prevention and control combining water system and administrative region. In the "water pollution prevention and control plan for key river basins" issued, according to the natural catchment characteristics and administrative management needs of the river basin, the key river basins are divided into 37 control areas and 315 control units. Among them, 118 priority control units are determined according to the water pollution status, water environment improvement demand and water environment risk level of each control unit. Among the 118 priority control units, they are divided into three types: water quality maintenance type, water quality improvement type and risk prevention type

the so-called emission compensation system based on control units refers to a package of institutional arrangements to implement strict equal displacement or multiple displacement of water pollution emissions for new industrial projects according to different types of control units. Both ends of the compacted sample should be processed as smoothly as possible. For example, in water quality maintenance, check the corresponding bridge 2-pole tube and filter capacitor and the new industrial project in the corresponding connecting line control unit, and implement the equal displacement system, that is, if the new industrial project involves sewage discharge, it must first be shut down, treated and other means, and the same amount of discharge indicators can be released before starting. In water quality improvement and risk prevention control units, new industrial projects involving sewage discharge must be approved only after doubling or doubling the discharge indicators

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