Under the best macro policy environment, the valve

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Under the favorable macro policy environment, the valve market has a broad development prospect

valve is a control component in the pipeline transportation system, which can be used to control the flow of various types of fluids such as air, water, steam, various corrosive media, mud, oil products, liquid metal and radioactive media. In the pharmaceutical industry, valves are widely used

for example, in the pharmaceutical industry, it can be roughly divided into two types of pipelines: API pipeline and preparation pipeline. For example, in the field of pharmaceutical preparations, compared with the field of bulk drugs, the media to be transported are relatively common, mainly concentrated in softened water, purified water, water for injection, pure steam, process compressed air, etc

the pipeline in the pharmaceutical industry should put "clean quality" in the first place. Therefore, the pharmaceutical industry has high requirements for the smoothness, cleanliness, flatness, corrosion resistance, etc. of valve equipment

the author learned that in order to better meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry and put more sophisticated valve equipment with hardness higher than hrb100 into the pharmaceutical market, all levels of the valve industry are carrying out transformation and upgrading, adjusting product structure and developing equipment products with intellectual property rights

from the perspective of the strategic level, it is expected that in the next 20 years, valve enterprises are actually in a good environment. For example, the implementation of the green sustainable development strategy and the practice of the "the Belt and Road" initiative have brought new opportunities for the structural adjustment and industrial upgrading of the valve industry

under the favorable macro policy environment, the development prospect of the valve market is relatively broad. According to relevant statistics, China's industrial valve market will usher in a new round of development cycle, and the industrial valve market will exceed 20billion yuan in 2020

insiders said that at present, China's valve industry is in a relatively favorable period of development. According to statistics, at present, there are more than 3000 valve manufacturing enterprises in China, which can produce gate valves, throttle valves, ball valves, globe valves, butterfly valves, diaphragm valves, etc., to meet the needs of various fields

in addition, under the influence of the above market background, China's valve technology is also rising. Taking the technical level of valves in the pharmaceutical industry as an example, in order to provide relevant support to customers, some valve enterprises have developed intelligent products. According to the introduction of technicians, intelligent valve products mainly have the following advantages:

first, they can identify the information of valve bodies, actuators and diaphragms; Second, it can host domestic and foreign Datong small to identify product information and survival information; Third, through the traceability of information, the reliability of the process is improved; Fourth, establish special electronic documents for work (such as supporting documents); Fifth, maintain the log and optimize the maintenance process; First, before loading, check whether the loading handle is placed in the unloading position 6 to improve the intelligence of instruments (installation qualification); Seventh, paperless office and maintenance

nevertheless, China's valve enterprises are mostly low-level, small-scale, family workshop enterprises, and the industrial concentration, technical level, product quality are low, and there is also a lack of influential brands

in the medium and high-end valve market, there are still deficiencies in the development of equipment products. The market is still dominated by international advanced enterprises, and the share of Chinese valve enterprises is low. However, analysts pointed out that this also means that China's valve industry has huge market development potential

"generally speaking, there are still four shortcomings in China's valve industry, including unreasonable industrial structure, serious overcapacity, weak independent innovation ability, low product quality, lack of influential brands, and imperfect industry standards." Valve experts pointed out that, especially in the field of core technology, the market share of Chinese valve enterprises is not high

therefore, if valve enterprises want to grab more market share, they should also turn passivity into initiative, build core competitiveness, always maintain a sense of crisis, aim at market demand, strive to improve valve product quality and technology, use more advanced and intelligent valve equipment products to open the market door, and promote China's valve industry to a higher and further direction

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