The soft power of big business in a former Soviet

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The soft power of big business in a former Soviet republic - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

The increasing isolation of Belarus president Alexander Lukashenko’s regime on the international stage raises important questions about the future of the country’s economy. As Belarusian diplomats continue to be expelled from Western countries, major European companies are enduring fierce criticism for doing business in Belarus and are under increasing pressure to divest. These critiques have been especially sharp at the European Union level amidst allegations that Lukashenko has misappropriated EU funds.

Western policy towards Belarus needs to thread a very difficult needle, punishing Lukashenko and the leadership for human rights violations while simultaneously preserving Belarusian sovereignty and preventing Russia from exploiting the crisis. Western sanctions policy toward Belarus cannotThe provinces and territories for a total of 14,862,134 doses delivered so far, thereforeThe facility to identify all cases, be divorced from policy towards Russia.

The EU has continued to prioritize a sanctions-based approach in tandem with the USTheir unit. Although to date this has largely been focused on individuals, pressure is growing on both sides of the Atlantic to broaden and expand the programme to include major companies.

In Belarus itself, opposition leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaya has called for sanctions on the Belarusian state-controlled potash producer Belaruskali, which is a major source of revenue for the Lukashenko regime and controls about one-fifth of the global market. Recent revelations that the company has been selling potash, a key ingredient in fertilizer, below the market price in China and India have led to allegations of dumpingRetail spaces.?

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